Infrastructure-SSG Campus

Why should you choose Aristo Public School?

The APS foundation works with a baseline, "Global education for everyone". Our motto is "Education for Enlightenment".

The school covers an area of 2.67 acres. The building occupies 80,200sq ft area. Play ground covers 80,120sq.ft. There are 85 class rooms, each of which covers 600 sq.ft.

An adequate infrastructure having classrooms, fully equipped laboratories, and a highly sophisticated computer lab to fit in all the students of a class at a time is available.

There is a fully furnished play house for children with slides, jungle - gyms, merry - go - round, swings etc.,

Sports room is present and there is a spacious play ground with a provision for outdoor games like football, volleyball, basketball etc.,

School has been upgraded to senior secondary school, promising an even better learning experience.


Based on our pedagogy of learning by doing, In APS, classroom teaching is complemented with laboratory experiments to ensure that students grasp concepts thoroughly. Well stocked physics, chemistry, Biology and Mathematics lab provide a platform to students for observation, innovation, discovery, experimentation, verification and thus arriving at their own conclusions, deductions, principles and theories.

Physics Lab

No theory can be substantiated without experiment. The best way to learn physics is the laboratory works. APS has a tally functional physics laboratory with apparatus of required standard. Lab activities reveal the crux of subject and the world of physics to the students. Activities conducted here stimulate the young scientists to relate physics with their day to day life.

Chemistry Lab

The high-grade chemistry lab provides the students to nurture the budding scientists in them. It allows the students to explore chemical concepts, view changes in matter and acquire scientific skills is an atmosphere similar to professional scientific environment. APS has given a suitable platform for the students to indulge in a creative platform of observation, experimentation and theoretical inferences.

Biology Lab

APS has always paid premium attention to highly equipped and well stocked science laborites to impart competence and enthusiasm in the subject.

The motto of biology lab is ‘learning by doing’ so as to enable hands on learning by the students. The laboratory provides the students with all sorts of facilities ranging from specimens, slides, microscopes to 3-D models of various biological structures. The spacious and creatively constructed lab caters the first-hand knowledge to students to gain full potential in the subject.

Computer Lab

APS has a computer lab having – computers of latest configuration to teach computer science, information practices and web-designing. The lab, in recent past has been upgraded with appropriate software to enable learners to compile and run programs as per the syllabus. WIFI enabled campus having Hi-speed Internet Broad Band Connectivity, which helps the learners to access internet under watchful eyes of the staff members. Classrooms are equipped with projectors and roll down screen.

Mathematics lab

The Mathematics laboratory can foster mathematical awareness, skill building, positive attitudes and learning by doing experiences in different branches of mathematics such as Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, Trigonometry, Calculus, Co-ordinate geometry etc.

It is the place where students can learn certain concepts using concrete objects and verify many mathematical facts and properties using models, charts and activities like paper folding, paper cutting. Mathematics laboratory works on concrete to abstract approach in learning the concepts.


The Library has been built up over the years and enjoys pride of place in the school. Well stocked and regularly replenished, the library has well over 11,000 books that include fiction and non-fiction with graded levels of reading, beginning with the pre-primary school, right up to the senior school. Leading magazines, periodicals and several daily newspapers are also available for the children to read. The reference section is formidable: with 500 different sets of encyclopedias, and excellent reference books on all subjects, we have separate reference book sections for the senior school curriculum.

APS follows an open-shelf policy where students feel free to browse before issuing books out. Apart from a treasured, quiet time of reading, various reading-related activities are carried out by the librarian. The activities includes - games, fun worksheets, quizzes, guessing games on authors, titles and book-characters, book reviews, poster-making, additional information and trivia on current titles - all which the children enjoy immensely. Inculcating a good reading habit in children is vitally important, it leads to the ability to interpret, analyze and understand various kinds of information. ‘Best Reader’ awards are given to children of each grade at the end of the academic year.

The APS library is a place where children and faculty love to spend time - the quiet, ordered, colorful ambience lends itself to happy, interested reading.

Smart Classrooms

Smart learn class is yet another step towards fulfilling our commitment of providing state-of-the-art learning facilities to our students. Smart Classes brings a new change in using digital technology in the classrooms. It is a Comprehensive solution designed to assist Instructors in classrooms with their day to day challenges & enhancing participant’s academic performance with simple, practical and meaningful use of various technologies. Interactive training room provides real time assessment of participants and it also evaluates the learning achieved by the individuals in class with innovative use of technology.


APS, Bus facility provides well organized network of safe transport that that moves around various towns, villages and even interior places to pick and drop our pupils which are operated and maintained by experts. Each bus is driven by well-trained driver with the presence of conductor to escort the child. We operate more than 10 school buses to pick the students. We are proud to say that we keep punctuality and regularity in the operation of buses. A van of our school is kept ready round the clock service to meet the urgent needs.


The refreshment center provided in the school premises enables students to use tuck shop during the break. Snacks and healthy drinks are catered for the students and teachers alike. The food prepared in the cafeteria is made keeping in the mind, the health and nutritional value of the student’s well-being.