Activities-SSG Campus

Inquiry based learning through activity takes place at Aristo Public School. Experimental learning is the key to understanding the depth of the subjects.

Sports & Games

At Aristo Public school, we believe that sports and games forms an integral part of the overall development of the child. The goal of the sports program is to give children with innate sports talent a chance to showcase their talent and to play at the level of their potential.

To this end, the Aristo sports Academy has been created to help students excel in sports while maintaining a healthy balance in their academic pursuits.

Through the Aristo sports Academy program, students train under qualified and professionally certified coaches and athletes. Specialized coaching in various sports is also made possible through our collaborations with the best names and brands in each discipline all of whom bring with them a wealth of experience, skills and expertise to provide students with the best coaching experience.

The Aristo sports Academy is also able to provide match level experience for students to excel in their chosen discipline.

The various sports for which coaching are offered are listed below:

Outdoor Games
  • Basket Ball
  • Foot Ball
  • Cricket
  • Hockey
  • Volley Ball
  • Skating
  • Kho-Kho
  • Kabaddi

To cater to the social, physical and emotional growth of every child under our care, the school offers an athletic program with qualified coaches. The facilities include a training ground for running, jumps, pole vaulting, shot put, discus throw etc.

Indoor Games

Indoor sports and games are encouraged at all times, as the physical training is not limited to the best and suitable weather conditions. Our indoor sports complex has chess, one shuttle court, one basketball court and three table tennis tables. In addition to value our indoor games we have n-number of carrom boards for students practice.

Club Activities

The School provides a variety of student clubs and activities to enhance their school experience. These activities offer students the opportunity to develop social relationships, organizational, time management and leadership skills.

Literature Club

Literary Club at APS has taken the mantle of providing vent to students desiring to express themselves by way of elocution, debates, creative writing, and etc. while at the same time acquiring knowledge by way of frequent discourses and discussions. Organizing competitions in extempore, speeches, debates, symposia, quizzing etc. in the School has helped the Literary Club to live up to the expectations for which it was set up.

Science Club

Science involves a pursuit of knowledge causing general truths as the operations of fundamental laws. Scientific knowledge is always partial to the world and progress of science follows the activity of humans to make phenomena perceivable. Through the club, it is possible to develop a positive attitude towards learning science. We have number of activities through our Science club.

Our Club has many activities like

  • Science Exhibition
  • Science Tour
  • Science Quiz
  • Debate & PowerPoint presentation competition related to science, etc.
Environmental Club

“Genuine concern for the environment, pursuit of excellence and, commitment to the nation.”

Learning from nature and creating a pollution free earth is the intention of the nature club at APS. Students make charts on conservation, pollution and ecosystem to create awareness among children about various global problems. Students and Teachers are encouraged to use paper bags and other recyclable materials and ban the use of plastics. The children have worked in the garden and cleaned the area to give it a better look. The special attraction of the nature club at APS is a Medicinal Plant garden. On Environmental Day we also planted trees that reduce global warming.

Sports Club

The more fit you are, the more you feel like tackling the world.

Sports Club is designed to increase physical activity levels in children. These sports clubs create an exciting and inspirational environment to engage these young people in school sport, particularly by focusing on Olympic and Paralympics sports and drawing on the inspiration of the Olympic Values.

Quiz Club

“Knowledge is Power and it’s a fact that only the powerful rule the world.”

The Quiz Club intends to empower the students with knowledge and create interest and curiosity and to collect information related to different fields and aspects of life. It aims to bring to light something new and interesting every time. It tries to provide facts related to general knowledge and information regarding current affairs of national and international importance.

Computer Club
  • This club will be an excellent chance for students
  • To learn how to work creatively
  • To troubleshoot computers and
  • To become experts in using various applications.
  • They will use these skills to help teachers and students.
  • Will make every effort to make this club a fun and rewarding experience for the kids.

The main activities conducted by the Quiz Club at APS are interclass quiz during the School Assembly, inter-house and inter- school quiz competitions for students of all Grades from 6 to 12.

Math Club

Math Club activities at APS, provide an insight which will enable the students to tackle more significant challenges. Students work individually and in small groups to solve problems from various areas of mathematics. This encourages a collaborative way of working on mathematics where the sharing of ideas and results leads to deeper insights for all.

  • Club activities include,
  • Math Exhibition
  • Math Quiz
  • Debate & PowerPoint Presentations

Each activity is advised by school staff member.


Literary Competitions & Kid Fest

ARISTO organizes a literary competition and Kids fest every year to encourage students understanding and love for literature, improve written and spoken expression and to inculcate the habit of reading in the students.

To make the experience attractive and enjoyable for the new generation, a series of activities including literary games, quizzes, and interactive sessions with professional book authors, and a story telling session using puppetry skills will be organized. It was a week of flurry and excitement, with the children being fruitfully engaged and getting exposure to literature in different ways from the modern to the old masters.

“The literary week is genuinely epic in all ways. The activities will be organized in a grand manner, and our children will learn so much while having fun. “Literary competition and Kids fest is ARISTO’s conscious effort to bring children close to books. Through author visits, they get introduced to culturally relevant Indian books. They deep dive into books and enjoy the magic of stories. They understand and learn the beauty of language through games, contests and develop a lifelong love for Learning.”


Cultural Training and Stage Performance to keep the students grounded to their roots and uphold the strong cultural tradition; regular and well organized cultural activities form an integral part of the schooling system. It inculcates leadership and confidence in each and every student.

Extra Curricular Activities

Several new co-scholastic initiatives have been introduced in the academic session 2023-24. All students from Grades 3-8 have time set aside in the Timetable to pursue an activity of their choice.


Chess is widely acknowledged as the game of the royals. More importantly, it spurs the mental processes, and enables strategic thinking. At Aristo Public School, Cuddalore, we ensure that children have an opportunity to develop their higher order thought processes, not just in the classroom, but also while playing chess.

Music and Dance

“A school without music is like a body without soul”, said the great educator Don Bosco. Acknowledging the validity of this statement ARISTO has facilitated learning opportunities of Indian music. Dance and Music has always remained inseparable and so we wish to encourage children to pick up Classical dance forms.

Keyboard Classes

ARISTO has introduced Keyboard classes from 2010 guidance of renowned pianist and musician. Students are undergoing keyboard classes on allotted periods. The school has provided them with ten grand pianos.

Scouts and Guide Programme

At ARISTO it has been our constant endeavor to make way for holistic growth in our students. We understand that life poses myriad challenges which children need to cope with. The call of the time is such that one needs to develop different perspectives of looking at life and living. In keeping with this, we have introduced training under Bharat Scouts and Guides at ARISTO for classes V, VI and VII (scout for class V and Scouts and Guides both for classes VI and VII).

Bharat Scouts and Guides has been serving the youth of West Bengal for over 100 years and have helped millions of young people not only prepare for challenges of life but also reach their full potential as a human being.

Bringing Bharat Scouts and Guides to ARISTO is another step towards aiding our students in developing and nurturing skills like time management, team work, planning, communication and leadership. Cultural awareness and service to community also form an integral part of this programme. We at ARISTO are glad to have opened doors for life lessons.

Art & Craft

It gives the children yet another venue to broaden their horizons. Our skilled teachers will provide guidance, direction and opportunity in engaging themselves in a number of fun filled, interesting activities.


Yoga is one of the most recognized ways for enhancing the state of our mind and body. A few minutes of yoga during the day is helpful in enhancing and maintaining good health and personality. Practicing yoga improves physical health, dissipates excess energy, and relieves tiredness. For curious young minds, yoga is a relaxation technique that lengthens their attention span, reduces stress, enhances mental clarity and sharpens concentration. Yoga can produce a calming effect, which helps children get into a frame of mind conducive to learning. The school facilitates one hour of yoga practice session everyday for the students under the training of expert yoga teachers.


The typical judo lesson is build to recognize improvement in children, so that they can gain confidence and self-esteem from working on. Judo actually teaches defensive instincts more than attack methods.

Aristoeans are given chance to recognize and react to potentially harmful situations, which can always be a valuable set of skills.


Archery offers great satisfaction in combining both physical and mental skill. Being in a position to pull back the string and loose an arrow into the target will surely give a child a great sense of accomplishment.

Just by practicing Archary, our aristoeans are learning patience, focus and self motivation.


Karate benefits a child at every aspect of their lives as physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. Karate is all about “Fall 7 times stand up 8”.

By practicing karate, our aristoeans are developing an important attitude “Never give up”.

Pencil Sketching

Drawing is an essential part through which children are not only able to see what they are thinking, they are also able to play around with and transform their ideas. It increases child’s imagination.

By practicing drawing, Aristoeans are developing their creativity and confidence.


Bharathanattiyam is not just about being flexible and graceful. By learning this ancient practise, it makes really heartwarming to perform and have a divine experience.

House System

Aristo public school has four houses named Apollo house, Aryabhatta house, Baskara house, Chandrayan house. Each house has a house leader and student leader.

Aristo Public School is a community of learners and the House system aims to reflect these core values. The house system aims to give students an identity and sense of pride in a supportive, secure environment. The houses provides for positive competition and a closer rapport between students and staff members. They also aim to help new staff and students adapt to the culture of Aristo.

Aristo public school houses complete in a number of sporting, academic and cultural activities for points. The house system is an integral and vibrant part of the school’s culture. The core values are explained as self development, intellectual empowerment and lifelong learning within the diversity and strength of our community.

S.No House Name Colour Motto
1 Chera Blue Chase the lead
2 Chola Orange Aspire higher
3 Pandya Green Ready to take up challenges
4 Pallava Red Strong determination to win