Circular delivers information about our school academic schedules,ie., exam timetables,PTM(Parents Teacher Meeting),Annual plans,festivals,culturals and vacations is being communicated to students,parents and teachers then and there..

Circulars 2020


18/12/2020-APS-CUD/CBSE-1930255/2020-21/OSC/015/Disp.-015   New
IstMid Term Examination of LKG to Grade-II
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18/12/2020-APS-CUD/CBSE-1930255/2020-21/OSC/014/Disp.-014   New
IstMid Term Examination of Grade-III to Grade-VIII
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18/12/2020-APS-CUD/CBSE-1930255/2020-21/OSC/013/Disp.-013   New
IstMid Term Examination of Grade-IX & Grade-XI
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