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Special features of APS

APS aims at providing a holistic education to children. All aspects of a child’s growth is taken into consideration.

Our motto is “Education for Enlightenment.”
  1. Follows curriculum pattern of CBSE schools - LKG to XII
  2. Has only English as medium of instruction in all classes.
  3. The campus includes a calm and serene garden with special class rooms.
  4. Has good physical facilities for both academic and co-academic activities.
  5. Has school bus facilities for students.
  6. Development of the total and multi-sided personality of the students is the major objective of the school.
  7. Basic knowledge of Electronics and Computer is being imparted.
  8. Learning by doing, experiencing through activities at the kindergarten and other classes.
  9. Technology - aided learning in all the branches of knowledge by preparation and presentation of educational CDs through multimedia.
  10. Learning and reinforcement of mathematical concepts through practical demonstrations and introduction of non - routine topics at various levels.
  11. National flag will be hoisted every monday morning during the assembly session.
  12. Leisure - time of children is ideally utilized by making them view subject –related CDS to enhance their knowledge.
  13. Introduction of activities & workbooks from I std to VIII std in almost all the subjects increases the creativity and comprehension level of the Students.
  14. To help the students in the academic performance, our devoted teachers spend about one hour in the evenings (after school hours) to guide and assist the students in studies. The parents co-operate in picking their wards after coaching classes.