Usually our students participated in cluster level,Zone level and national level events which are conducted by CBSE board and also our students participate in national level,Zone level Aerobics,skatting,Yoga,Athletics and chess.

"Twenty-six times I've been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed.I've failed over and over and over again in my life.And that is why I succeed"
-Michael Jordan

Prize Winners of Regional Level 2019-@ THIRUVANNAMALAI
Name Grade Participation Award-Winning
Sugesh 7th std Long Jump 1st
100 meter 3rd

Prize Winners of Association Match & District Level 2019-@ ANNAMALAI University
Name Grade Participation Award-Winning
HarishJothi 9th std Long Jump 1st
4X400 relay 2nd
Srinithish 9th std 1500 1st
800 3rd
4X400 relay 2nd
Elakkiya 9th std 1500m 1st

Prize Winners in YOGA Conducted at Cuddalore (2019-2020)
Name Grade Award-Winning
Keerthana 8th std 1st
Kaviya 5th std 3rd
E.Eshwar 5th std 3rd
Prize Winners in CHESS Conducted at Cuddalore (2019-2020)
Name Grade Level Award-Winning
Sanjai Ram 8th Under 13 2nd
Sakresh 2nd Under 7 2nd
Prize Winners in TABLE TENNIS Conducted at Cuddalore (2019-2020)
Name Grade Level Award-Winning
Sanjai 6th Under 17 1st
Sarath 10th Under 17 1st
Kowshik 7th Under 13 2nd
Prize Winners in KARATE (2019-2020)
STATE LEVEL-Conducted at Thiruvarur
Name Grade Award-Winning
Sarvesh omkar 3rd 1st
Srinivasan 8th 1st
Harivarshan 3rd 1st
Duraikrishnan 8th 2nd
Mithun Shri 6th 2nd
Kowshik raja 6th 3rd
STATE LEVEL-Conducted at Ariyalur
Name Grade Award-Winning
Dhuraikrishnan 8th 1st
Hamsananth 7th 1st
Harivarshan 7th 2nd
Yogeswaran 6th 2nd
Amirdesh 3rd 3rd
Pavan 9th 3rd
INTERNATIONAL LEVEL-Conducted at Chennai
Name Grade Award-Winning
Sarvesh omkar 3rd 1st
Aukash 6th 1st
Prince 4th 1st
Kanishka 3rd 2nd
Mithunshri 6th 3rd
Srinivasan 8th 3rd